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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back from the coast

Here's a quick little post about our trip. So, we were a bit dissapointed that we couldn't get in to the AVP quali, especially since we weren't given notice and the decision was not based on our performance. But, we used Friday to do a bit of light practicing at State Beach in Santa Monica. It's amazing the difference in the way the game is played on the coast compared to the mountains. For one thing, moisture in the air and a low elevation gives the ball a different feel. Control is actually easier, as is using top spin to bring shots, hits and serves into the court at sea level. What is more difficult is moving in deep sand and adjusting to the steady, offshore breezes that blow at various intensities during the day. Of course, we had great wind going down to sea level, since the oxygen is much more dense there. Saturday we got over to Hermosa for the CPVA event. It was cold and windy, not exactly what we were expecting. Our first match was pretty shakey against an OK team. We had a hard time adjusting to the elements and had many plays that left us feeling like little children because we couldn't execute fairly simple tasks. Both games were close, but we lost in two and went down to the losers bracket, a long road ahead with the 43 team deaw. By our next match the winds had picked up even more, but we began to make the adjustments necessarry and were better able to move in the deep sand. We won our next three matches, most games by a pretty large margin, having to come back in one game to win 24-22. Our fourth consecutive match was played under a setting sun against a very solid team. In spite of being a bit worn from playing 4 previous matches in sand we aren't accostumed too, we played very well in this match. It was really back and forth and could've gone either way on a given day, but we ended up on the short end losing 21-19; 21-19. So, we finished 13th overall and one game away from playing on Sunday. We were happy with the results. After a few more days hanging out at the beach, we got to play some pickups on Tuesday and finally started moving and playing like we do under conditions we are accustumed too and ran the courts for a bit against some of the local players, who were all very friendly. One of the best things about the weekend as far as our play goes is that we had excellent ball control, even when the conditions were kind of fierce. That made us feel good. We also were mentally strong, not giving up any major runs of points the entire time. Best part: it was lots of fun, and we had a blast just playing beach volleyball!

So, that's the short of the skinny. I got to check out Manhattan pier and all the names of the people that have won the event. Being out there gave a good sense of volleyball history and perspective. We had a great time and felt we left with a respectable showing on the beaches famous for being the heart of this sport. This weekend we're back in action at the Sneakerz event in Albuquerque. It'll be interesting to see what adjustments we need to make to reset ourselves, or if we'll be jumping real well on the hardpack.

Sneakerz #2 Beach Volleyball Tournament

Allright, time for another round of desert battle this Saturday, June 3rd at Sneakerz in Albuquerque. Same deal as the others, 8:30 sign in, 9:00 AM start time. Sounds like we're going to do short pools with 15 pt capped games to determine seeding (and short warmups this time). This will be followed by a double elim tournament with match play in the winner's bracket. It's not clear at this time if there will be two divisions after pool (upper an lower) or if there will be one division and a consolation round made available for the first teams eliminated. Either way, it will be set in writing before the tourney, so lots of playing for all. So, here are the teams so far:
1) Chris Hammock/ Rob Pierce
2) Matt Valencia/ Tom Parks
3) Kameron/ Craig
4) Tavake/ Steve Gallegos
5) Larry Cromwell/ Partner
6) Jeff Poole/ Desi Vigil
7) Colin Vito/ Thierry Thelliez
8) Loric Box/ Adam Rubel
9) Paul Sanchez/ Will

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Beach volley in California!

Well, here we come! It's late at night and I've still got to pack, but we're heading off bright and early for our 14 hour drive to California. Got some dissapointing news today. We will not be allowed into the Huntington Beach AVP qualifier because we lack points from previous qualifiers. Neither Loric nor I have played a qualifier event in the last year, so that brings our point total to 0. I was told over the phone that the field was limited to 90 teams in teh q and 10 had to be dropped, including us. This is too bad, we were looking forward to it and felt good physically and mentally. We apologize to our sponsors (namely and supporters and all the folks we were going to meet up with out there. We'll still be on the coast, but now our focus is solely on the CBVA in Hermosa. This is going to be another Open event, which means the talent will be deep and strong. Hermosa is also famous for having some of the deepest sand anyhwhere, a big difference from the park hardpack we are used to out here. We got out last night to a new bar that has some real beach sand to run some drills with Colin. Since we only had 3, we had to do drills, but it was probably what will help us most. Aside from the tournament, we know we're going to have a good time just being on the beach and playing the game at its home. I think we feel pretty good playingwise given the way the last tournament went and how our practice sessions have been going. We're deifnately in shape from a long effort, so this should be good. Wish us luck and we'll let you all know how it went when we get back!

Sneakerz #1 Beach Volleyball Tournament: Results

It was a long, hot day, but a good turnout and some great play made this event all well worth while. Aside from local talent, we had players from AZ, CO and one with at UT/ CA connection. We even had one guy make the long trip up from Las Cruces to play in the event. Exciting to see the sport on the rebound in our state. This is especially true when considering many players are still on the floorboard until nationals is over this weekend in New Orleans.

So, the nitty gritty. It was a long day with short pool play games in the morning (15 pts). I think consensus amongst the players was to run smaller pools with fewer games to get the first phase out of the way sooner and leave teams with more energy for the playoffs. After pool play, the top finishers went into an upper bracket and the bottom finishers went into a lower one. Both brackets ran a double elim (6 upper and 5 lower). Some teams were playing really well and there was some parody with teams that beat one in pool losing in the playoffs and vice-versa. Colin and Thierry teamed up for the first time and had a strong showing, despite being fatigued by the heat. Chris still has his touch in spite of retirement and played well with his old partner, Brian from AZ. Matt and Rob played very well towards the end of the day in their first pairing, winning 3 consecutive matches in elimination play to make it to the finals. Andy and Gray pulled it together late in the day as well to conquer the lower bracket after fighting through a tough pool that saw many close matches and even records. I felt that Loric and I played strong throughout the day and felt the strongest during the finals, a good sign that all the conditioning has been paying off. We finished with an undefeated record and have some momentum to build on for our CA trip.
Anyhow, here are the results from memory, as my week has been pretty hectic and I haven't had a chance to call Tavake:
1) Loric Box/ Adam Rubel 2) Matt Valencia/ Rob Pierce 3) Chris Hammock/ Brian Post 4) Thierry Thelliez/ Colin Vito. Lower Bracket Winner: Andy Rice/ Gray Davis
Thanks again to Tavake and Sneakerz for a great tourney and Paul Sanchez for some great pics. The next event is 6/3. I'll be back in town next Wednesday to post entries, so go ahead and call Tavake or hang an email for me!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Gearing up!

OK, so tomorrow starts a long string of tournaments for us. We're definately ready for the months ahead. We've both been training and practicing hard, now it is time to put all that work to the test. For myself, I've been hitting the gym hard the last few weeks, lots of erxplosive and compund exercises. Single leg squats and deadlifts and things of the like. Also plyos - depth jumps, broad jumps, get ups, etc. And my new favorite, agility ladder work thanks to my friend Steph that loaned one to me. This is great for developing foot quickness, which is a big key on the court. I've been out playing 3 times a week, including one day on the weekend that Loric and I have been getting together for the last couple months or so. So, physically - ready. Mentally - I think we're feeling strong, focused and confident. We know we've put the work in, so it's time to see the results. We will be challenged for sure, especially next weekend at the qualifier and open tournaments in California, but that's what it is all about. Things seem to be falling into place and we are ready to have some great fun.

Now the big news: You may have noticed a sponsor section at the left. That's right, is our new sponsor for the Huntington AVP qualifier and we are very happy to have them on board. Check out their site, they've got a line for dudes and lots for girls, women, moms to be and volleybabies. Smith sport and Badger have also signed on as supporters.

I hope to figure out the audio blogger feature so we can post updates in real time while we are out in CA. OK, time to get some rest before tomorrow's tourney.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Going back to Cali...

OK, so I'm not referring to a terrible 80's song here. Loric and I have the opportunity to travel back to the coast at the end of May. We're excited because it looks like we'll get to play the AVP qualifier in Huntington and a CBVA event in Hermosa. We'll also have a little extra time to get on the beach during the week and hopefully fall into some good games. We're all looking forward to a mini vacation.
So, I guess I need to refocus my training. The work in the winter definately feels like it is paying off, my legs were fresh through the whole KoB on Saturday. One thing I didn't like was that I felt a bit winded during some of the longer rallies. So, I must face my nemesis and do that sprinting and cardio work I've been trying so hard to put off. If I can get good wind here at 7,500 ft, then hopefully I'll have no problems at sea level. Loric's been playing great and is in great shape, he's a runner and has been jumping super high this year. We should have better sand legs on this trip and certainly will have had tons more time playing on the court. We're stoked to get up against some of the best competition.

May 20th Sneakerz #1 Tournament

Sneakerz is preparing for their first team doubles event of the season. This should be a very good event, given the turnout to the KoB event last weekend. I'm not sure of the format, but in the past the event has been abbreviated pool play followed by a double elimination in the upper bracket and a single or double elimination event for the lower. Everybody gets lots of playing and the level of competition can get pretty good when teams from out of state drop in and challenge the local guys. I'll post more info about the tourney as it becomes available here. In the meantime, let me and/ or Tavake know if you're interested in playing, and we'll add your team to the list. If you've looking for a partner, join the yahoo group:
Check in time is 8:30AM with Play starting at 9:00.
and post out an email . Here is the list of registered teams so far:
1) Loric Box/ Adam Rubel
2) Rob Pierce/ Matt Valencia
3) Chris Hammock/ Brian Post
4) Jeff Poole/ Tavake Misailegalu
5) Thierry Thelliez/ Colin Vito
6) Desi Vigil/ Larry Cromwell
7) Andy Rice/ Gray Davis
8) Paul Sanchez/ Bret
9) Derrick Ray/Robert Oselio
10) John Malcom/ Partner
11) Kameron/ ?
12) Ricardo Sanchez/ Lopaka
13) Tom Parks/ ?

4/29 Sneakerz KoB results

Well, it was a fine tournament with a good turnout, good weather and good times. Folks got lots of games in and a chance to play with many different people. Thanks to Tavake and Sneakerz for putting another great event together. Looks like volleyball in the desert here is off to a strong start. Should be a good season of events. Here are the tournament results:
Upper:1) Loric Box - $110 2) Adam Rubel - $60 3) Chris Hammock - $30 4) Jeff Poole - T-shirt 5) Matt Valencia 6) Rob Pierce 7) Ricardo Sanchez 8) Desi Vigil Lower: 9) Jeff Bryce - $30 10) Larry Cromwell - T-shirt 11) Tavake 12) Rich Parry 13) Derrick 14) Paul Sanchez 15) Kameron 16) Tony Schimkus 17) Robert Oselio

Thanks to Paul for some great pics of the event!