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Aspen Battle, 2007 Part I Part II

Thursday, December 14, 2006

2007 Indoor Sand Schedule & Results

Winter's off to a great start already. We just had our second indoor sand event, and drew ten teams with some great, almost epic matches. Everybody is doing a great job of keeping their skills up throughout the off-season. We had a new team in the winner's circle this weekend, as Matt V. finally got his taste of victory, partnering with Rob who came out of hiding to make an impact. Dan also played great this weekend, dealing with my tired self and battling to the finish in an overtime, epic sort of final.
This post will be used to keep a track of the schedule, registered teams and results for the rest of the indoor sand season.
Results - December 10th
1) Matt Valencia/ Rob Pierce 2) Dan/ Adam Rubel 3) Jeff Poole/ Desi Vigil 4) Tony Schimkus/ Larry Cornwell 5) Ricardo Sanchez/ Tony Perrea 5) Brian/ Eddie 7) Harris/ Eesah 7) Fred Ader/ Lopaka 9) Shane Murdie/ Adrian Reaves 9) Manny Padilla/ Sonny Marques
January 21 Event - RESULTS
1) Adam Rubel/ Loric Box; 2) Rob Pierce/ Matt Valencia; 3) Chris Roosild/ Tony Schimkus 4) Jeff Poole/ Larry Cornwell 5) Rich/ Rich 5) Shane Murdie/ Sony Marquez 7) Bryan/ Eddie 7) Manny Padilla/ Paul Sanchez 9) Garrett Sholer/ Tom Fairfield

February 18 Event - Results
1) Adam Rubel/ Loric Box;
2) Desi Vigil/ Larry Cornwell; 3) Truett Massey/ Will Carson; 4) Chris Roosild/ Ricardo Sanchez; 5) Matt Gordon/ Christa Farris; 5) Bryan/ Richard; 7) Kameron Cheney/ Daniel; 7) Sonny Marquez; 9) Manny Padilla/ Paul Sanchez; 9) Harris Zeyaee/ Asa; 9)Richard/ Adam

1) Adam Rubel/ Loric Box;
2) Rob Pierce/ Matt Gordon; 3) Matt Valencia/ Chris Roosild; 4) Desi Vigil/ Larry Cornwell; 5) Jeff Poole/ Kameron Cheney; 5) Brian Post/ Shane Nelson; 7) Bryan/ Rich; 7) Michael Bien; 9)Harris Zeyaee/ Brad Berry; 9) Tony Schimkus/ Dan; 9) Paul Sanchez/ Manny Padilla