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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Out for the Year

Well, it's been the worse year personally for trying to play volleyball that I have ever had. First a knee injury at the start of the season, then some abdominal problems since April. Turns out to be a significant enough injury that is only going to heal with rest and time away from intensive physical activity. So, looks like I'm out of everything - playing, training, yardwork - for about six months, which means hopefully things will heal up so I can start working back into some kind of shape around February. As I'm going to be out of the loop and my future in New Mexico is uncertain, this site is going on hiatus and will not serve as an updated resource for volleyball information, at least for now. Mike McKracken will be taking over the email list, and I am sure will do a great job at keeping the 400+ volleyballers on it informed of all that is happening related to the sport in the state. Bryan Klein will be taking over the sand tourneys. His info is: and he has a blog, kinda like this that he is maintaining tourney info on at:

Thank you all for the good times and for helping to grow the sport in New Mexico!