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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2007: Loric & Adam's early travel scedule

We had the chance to sit down this past weekend and pour over some of the many schedules put out by different tours and events and we have come up with our tentative travel schedule. It's going up here to let you all know about some great events and for those that are interested in tracking our progress during the year. We are real excited about this upcoming season. Both of us have been training real hard and are in very good physical shape. Having the opportunity to play in the sand throughout the winter has kept our skills sharp and our game at a good level. While we were considering some of the other AVP stops, the tentative schedule at this point shows more events that are small draws and off the beaches, frankly at places we aren't all that interested in traveling to. We would have liked to get out to CA for an EVP, but Loric's teaching schedule means we will have to miss those. I am hoping to pick up a partner for an East End tourney in Florida in March, as I will be out there on business anyhow. And, the exciting news is a couple of major events here in New Mexico. Lucky 66 is in the final stages of piecing together a large event that will draw national caliber players. We are also working on getting a Taos event together at the end of July that will have the promise of a great draw, as new sand courts are being built and grass divisions can be offered as well. There will also be three bars running events in Albuquerque throughout the summer: Charlie' Sandbox will have 8 sand courts; Lucky 66 will have 4; and Sneakerz will have 2. This should prove to be a great summer for volleyball! Here is our early travel plans:
3/3 - Clearwater Beach, FL - East End - Adam is picking up a partner for this event.
3/24 - Delray, FL - East End - Adam will pick up a partner for this event.
4/19 - Dallas, TX - AVP - If we can somehow be allowed into the draw and be given the opportunity to build points. Very tentative travel site.
5/3 - Huntington Beach, CA - AVP - Only with a guarantee from the AVP we can get in this year.
5/5 - Santa Monica, CA - CBVA
5/12 - Sandia Mountain Volleyball Classic - Big event in NM, Check it.
6/2 - Denver, CO - CPVA - This one is looking more likely than the one the following week.
6/16 - Vail, CO - King of the Mountain - The mighty Vail tourney
7/5 - Seaside Heights, NJ - AVP - I've got family back there, so it should make this stop easy.
7/7 - NJ - Local tourney, looks like GAV is running one.
7/14 - Manhattan Beach, CA - GAV - Coast to coast, this is vacation time, should be a great tourney.
7/19 - Long Beach, CA - AVP - Hopefully we will have a whole bunch of AVP points by this one.
7/21 - Play del Rey, CA - CBVA - More volley on the beach
7/28 or 8/4 - Taos, NM - One of these dates, this should be a real fun tourney.
8/9 - Manhattan Beach, CA - AVP - So long as they are allowed to run it, this is the big one.
8/11 - Ocean Beach, CA - CBVA
9/1 - Aspen, CO - Motherlode - The mother of all lode tourneys, always fun.

Hopefully we will get the local schedule together in the next couple of weeks!