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Sunday, January 28, 2007

2007 AVP Schedule & Draw Size - Tentative

This is a controversial subject for some bizarre reason. This is the latest version that was leaked out on the AVP forum last week. It may be helpful for some folks making travel arrangements or scheduling tourneys if any of the tour dates are a consideration. Unfortunately, there seems to be few stops on actual beaches and the draw size for many of the events has been cut down to 24, meaning qualifier draws will be limited based upon points accrued in the previous 365 days. Loric and I were considering the opening Miami date, but given that it looks to be a smaller draw, we'll probably have to try our luck at one of the CA stops, maybe see if we will be allowed to play in Huntington this year. Anyhow, here is the info I captured from the site (It does vary from some other version floating around, guess we'll know for sure some time in Feb):
Miami, FL Apr. 13 - Apr. 15 FSN
Dallas, TX Apr. 19 - Apr. 22 FSN
Huntington Beach, CA May 3 - May 6 FSN
Glendale, AZ May 10 - May 13 FSN
Hermosa Beach, CA May 17 - May 20 FSN
Louisville, KY May 24 - May 27 FSN
Tampa, FL May 31 - Jun. 3 FSN
Atlanta, GA Jun. 7 - Jun. 10 FSN
Charleston, SC Jun. 14 - Jun. 17 FSN
Seaside Heights, NJ Jul. 5 - Jul. 8 FSN
Long Beach, CA Jul. 19 - Jul. 22 NBC and FSN
Chicago, IL Aug. 2 - Aug. 5 NBC and FSN
Manhattan Beach, CA Aug. 9 - Aug. 12 NBC and FSN
Boston, MA Aug. 16 - Aug. 19 NBC and FSN
Brooklyn, NY Aug. 23 - Aug. 26 NBC and FSN
Cincinnati, OH Aug. 30 - Sept. 2 FSN
Las Vegas, NV Sept. 6 - Sept. 8 FSN
San Francisco, CA Sept. 14 - Sept. 16 FSN