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Friday, September 04, 2009

9/12: Best Theme Volleyball Tourney Ever this Year!

The NM sand volleyball scene has struggled this summer, with canceled events, low turnouts, broken promises, unhappy players, and, well, you know. Here is a chance to show you still care and want to save the sand volley scene this weekend with a choose your theme event, guaranteed to be the most fun sand event EVER this month! You can come as a pirate (hijack the volley scene), a superhero or lifeguard (rescue the scene), a retro volleyballer (bring back the good old days) or just an ordinary player looking for a good time. What else makes this a fun event?
  • All entry fees will be paid out, that day!
  • If we get at least ten teams in any gender (m/w/ co-ed?) we will pay out for a lower division as well!
  • Everybody is guaranteed lots of play, and the tournament won't drag on needlessly!
  • We (Adam & Matt) will buy the first round for ALL PLAYERS - during the event, not next month!
  • Got another idea, lets hear it!
Summer is fading away, lets take advantage one more time and show why we want the sand scene to continue on! Here are the details:
What: Mens/ Womens Doubles
When: Saturday, 9/12; 8:30AM check-in, 9:00 start
Where: Sneakerz - the best supporter of sand doubles in the area, with 3 great courts that will have freshly tilled sand for extra comfort.
How Much: $15/ player
Who to contact: Adam Rubel -
Who is playing: Entries and details listed at:
Note: If there is a lot of interest, we can run co-ed, or reverse co-ed on Sunday.

Spread the word and tell volleyballer you know to be there!
So gather your gear and get ready for a sick good time!

We need at least 6 teams in a division to run Sat. We will run co-ed on Sunday based on some other teams that are expected.

Saturday - Canceled. Sorry, we tried, just not enough interest

UPDATE: This was a fun tourney, good times.  Thanks for everybody that showed up to play!
1) Adam Rubel/ Alex Tennison
2) Daniel Pimental/ Kristina Pimental
3) Maddy Novak/ Javier Rodriguez

4) Josh Rodgers/ Anna