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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March 15th @ Charlie's

The next tourney is 3/15 at Charlie's. 8:00 AM START. Usual stuff, but $15/ player for this tourney as we get into the regular season. Drop me an email to sign up, good list so far just from word of mouth. Update: Great turnout again. If not for a few teams dropping, we would have had 15 teams, wound up with a few less. After a morning indoors, we moved outdoors so the ladies could play their doubles tourney. Weather was good for most of the day, then got pretty gusty towards the end. Here's the results:
1) Adam Rubel/ Loric Box; 2) Chris Roosild/ Adam Cabbage; 3) Matt Valencia/Jeff Poole; 4) Christa Farris/ Jorge Alarcon; 5) Larry Cornwell/ Bryan Klein; 5) Dave/ Le; 7) Akram/ Rene; 7) Aaron/ Kameron; 9) Adam/Javier; 9) Ed Lucero; 9) Randy/ Mike; 9) Harris/ Paul

California (with wounded knee...)

Well, it is almost time again to get full swing into the new volleyball season. In just a couple of weeks, we'll be heading out to the heart of the beach volleyball world and setting up shop in Hermosa Beach for a little over a week. This is the perfect start to a season as not only will we get to be by the ocean and on vacation, but will get to play some top level competition with some great practice time. We're planning on playing a GAV event (which I hear are great events new to CA) and a CBVA, both opens. We're also bringing a couple of younglings so they can learn about beach volleyball on a real life beach!
So, on to the bad news. About a month ago, I started getting sharp pains in my knee on certain movements, which became very noticable during an indoor match and almost unbearable during the next days tournament. I still have full range of motion and didn't really have any swelling, but certain movements with my weight bearing on the joint were quite jolting. After a week of rest and little healing, I called Christy Valdez whom I met at a tourney last fall. She runs Spine & Muscle Rehabilitation and is really using some innovative, non-invasive techniques to diagnose and treat injuries. After checking out my knee with ultrasound, they found a bone spur and a good amount of fluid building up under the knee cap. Treatment involved some manipulations to relase ligaments and the knee cap so there is space for the fluid to drain, followed by using kinesiotape to enhance that space. Two treatments later, and there is definite improvement. I went out this past weekend to play, however, and things weren't too good. I was very cautious and aware of my knee and it was inhibiting my movement. After a few hours, it started getting achy and really didn't respond well - jump wasn't there, quick movements weren't there. So, I'm going to take some time off and continue treatment. I'm hoping to play on the 15th, but we'll see how the healing comes along. I'm going to get another ultrasound next week to see the progress and find out if any additional steps need to happen. Hopefully my aging body can recover fairly quickly, I wasn't expecting to feel like this for at least another ten years...