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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sneakerz Tournament June 28th

Next Sand Doubles tourney is at Sneakerz, June 28th. Looks like we will have some out of town players. Drop me an email for this one if you want to sign up. Here's the teams so far:
1) Loric Box/ Adam Rubel
2) Chris Roosild/ Brian Post
3) Drew Winterstein / Jeff Dumbrell
4) Matt Valencia/ Adam Cabbage
5) Rob Pierce / Jorge Alarcon
6) Harris Zeyaee/ Asa Warren
7) Fred Ader/ BenWallis
8) Bryan Klein/ TBD
9) Mike McKracken/ TBD
10) Paul Sanchez/ Ray Garcia
11) Ed Lucero/ TBD
12) Jeff Poole/ Larry Cornwell
13) Josh Coffing/ Jim Coffing
14) Amy Wong / Sarah Kwasigroch
15) Kameron Cheney/ TBA

New Mexico Games - June 21st @ Charlie's

The New Mexico Games for 2x2 Beach Volleyball will be held at Charlie's Sandbox on June 21st. I believe entry is $35/ team with shirts for participants and medals for top finishers. To register, contact Adam Cabbage:
Here's the teams so far, additional updates should come in the comments as I will be unavailable most of this week:
1) Loric Box/ Matt Valencia

Looking for a partner:
1) Josh Rodgers