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Aspen Battle, 2007 Part I Part II

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It has begun...

Allright, the Sandia Mountain Volleyball Classic was very cool. There were over 50 teams in 5 divisions, I don't think I've seen that many outdoor volleyballers in NM at one time. There were only 11 teams in the men's open, but it was a super solid draw, all the way to the top. I was glad to be able to play, the acupuncture and bodywork I've been getting have really helped with the back and shoulder problems that had me feeling pretty crummy to start the season. We started out slow, out of rhythm, and not feeling real comfortable against a pretty strong team from New Jersey. We actually dropped a big lead in the first game, like 19-14, to lose 24-26 or something. I don't think we've blown a late game lead since our first year at Aspen, which fired us up for our tear during all of last season. We dropped the second game to them as well in a close one. Later in the day, we started to get more comfortable and our rhythm was clicking. We tore through a Texas teams and had a pretty good run at the NM Matt's. We started to get more comfortable, siding out steadily and converting in transition. Sunday we went up against the solid team of Post/ Scott from CO. While the first game started off slow for both teams, things quickly heated up and we had a great match, with some terrific plays and exchanges. Ryan was playing phenomenal is siding out super steady, crushing our strategy of wearing him out with every serve. We could have been smarter, but his partner was good too, and we like a challenge. We had a few shakey moments of siding out, not in our best rhythm yet, but we were definitely kicked into a gear we hadn't had to touch in a year. We dropped two very close, very long extra point games. We were pretty happy with our play considering we haven't been practicing or playing much due to our work schedules and funky weather. Feels like, at least for me personally, I'm finally starting to bounce back from a prolonged playing slump. Now, however, we're into the swing of season and volleyball is about to get real busy for us. I'm heading out to California tonight (yeah, real late night road trip) and will hook up to play in Santa Cruz with a Denver transplant living out there now. Should hopefully get some touches in the real sand during the week as well. Loric will be playing in the Sneakerz touorney on Sat with a partner, as far as I know, yet to be determined. The day I get back from the Cruz, I'll be meeting up with Loric, or Matt and Chris, to head up to Denver to play in the first CPVA up there. Then its back to Charlie's for a local tourney, then off to Vail, couple weeks later its New Jersey then right back to California to play a GAV in Manhattan Beach. Guess this is what all those extra hours working through the winter were for! We're planning on getting more practice time during the week, so combined with the high level of competition, we should be humming along in no time!

Should have some pics from Paul to post when I get back in a couple weeks.

If you're here looking for info on Saturday's Sneakerz tourney, contact Chris at:; 505-363-1262 to sign up

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Team Sponsors for 2007!

You've probably noticed the sponsor column at the left. These are the good folks that have stepped up to support our team and help us to travel and compete in events around the country. We owe tremendous gratitude to each of them, here is an explanation of who they are:
Volleychick - Definitely not just for chicks, they make volley clothes and goods with style, and dare say, attitude. Hats, shirts and other goods can be spotted on us at events. Check them out, some very cool stuff you will want to be wearing!
Plastic Clothing - Volleyball specialty clothes, you'll catch us wearing their board shorts, very cool board pants and sweatshirts. Great style and comfort, look them up for some great volleygear!
18 Panel Athletic - A very cool startup company out of AZ. Great designs can be seen on our hats and shirts. They should have a website happening soon!
Wayne Steen: State Farm - Talk about a good neighbor, I've had State Farm insurance since I was a kid and have always gotten great service. Wayne has stepped forward to provide generous support for our volley-adventures. If your in the market for insurance, check them out!
Target Safe Security - Top security service in the region, providing alarms and systems to keep your home and business secure. They are generously sponsoring our team, check them out to help with all your security needs!
Smith Sport Sunglasses - Very cool and effective sunglass company. Their polar brown lenses are my favorite, enhancing depth perception and protecting the eyes while providing that ever important oh-so-cool appearance!
Badger Balm - Great company that puts out suncreen and body care products. This sport has us taking a beating from the elements every time we go out, good thing we've got badger to help fix us up!
Lucky 66 Volleyball Oasis
- New facility in Albuquerque, with 2 soon to be 4 sand courts. Leagues and tourneys, they've helped us out and we may be doing more clinics there this year!

Again, thanks to all our sponsors and we hope you will support them to encourage their continued involvement with our sport!

Let the Season Begin!

OK, you may think this is a pretty wacky post to be writing about the start of the season when we never really stopped playing and since we had two outdoor tourneys last month and I've already played twice in Florida tournaments. The cold, hard reality is that both Loric and I have been super busy in the non-volley world keeping up with work and life. Plus a few minor injuries. Throw in some wacky spring weather that brought more late rain and snow than usual, and it's been feeling like a slow start to the season. Last week was the first time anybody in the state had a chance to get out during the week and practice. While we've played and won the local tourneys, everybody seems real rusty and the quality of play has not been that high in my opinion. We've got a good network and guys are supportive of each other to help bring our games up to the next level collectively, so I'd expect some quick improvements. Hopefully real quick, because this weekend is the first ever Sandia Mountain Volleyball Classic. This should give everybody a jolt. We've got about 50 teams signed up in 3 divisions for mens and womens, making this the biggest sand tourney in NM in a real long time. The open has some very solid teams traveling in from various places, including a few teams hopping over from the AVP in Glendale, AZ following their elimination. No matter the outcome, it is great to have this competition come into state to push everybody to pick up our games to the next level. That's why I kind of see it as the start of the season, Denver, Vail and California are not far behind for us. You can tell we also haven't made it out to any AVP tourneys yet. Well, that's a bit of a point of frustration. We were bounced last year from Huntington for not having points as my points had expired, so we couldn't get points, have no points now, and all the quali's are limited in size so we don't know when we can get points, although all the qualis so far have had low turnouts so we could have gotten in. So do we risk making travel plans for a tourney we won't know until the day before if we can get in? We'll see. You've probably also noticed the video at the top. My first attempt, hopefully more to come during the summer. Hopefully they'll get better than this hack job, but it's a start!