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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sneakerz Series Final 8/29

Sneakerz has been a long time supporter and major player in the growth of outdoor NM volleyball, especially for sand doubles. This Saturday is the series final for men's doubles. If you haven't been there lately, they have recently erected an awesome court in front of the bar. The sand is hard and fast, great for those players looking for something between grass and beach. While the last few sand tournaments have had a poor turnout, hopefully we can get more teams out this weekend. If you're worried about not getting enough playing in, don't be. All teams are guaranteed both pool play and access to the double elimination tournament, usually with at least one guaranteed match play and consolation bracket games to 25. There is a usually a wide range of competition and the series final is usually a good time for all. Don't pout in the winter because you missed one of the last events of the summer! Drop me an email & sign up for this weekend! $15 or $20 player entry/ 8:30 check-in; 9:00 start. Also, forget 4's, 2's is way more fun!
It was a rough tournament as the sand at Sneakerz hadn't been turned and was super hard packed. It was hard on players bodies and there were some torn feet and sore joints to show for it. All in all, a good turnout and fun time though. Nice job by Scott and Desi, playing strong all the way through the final. We'll make sure the sand is turned for next time:
1) Desi Vigil/ Scott
2) Adam Rubel/ Matt Valencia
3) Jeff Poole/ Harris Zayee
4) Jimmy/ Bryan Klein
5) Dave Lujan/ Kevin
5) Stanley/Behr
5) Sonny Marquez/ Steve Plante

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